Connecting the dots for business improvement.

Analytical Services

We help our clients achieve sustainable and significant improvements in their performance through combining advanced analytics and business expertise.

Demand Planning

Helps organizations making rational decisions to create better plans for the future.

Inventory Optimization

Driving inventory risk down and improving flexibility.

Process Integration

Revealing the hidden value in between the silos of the supply chain.

LTPlabs always work on highly customized solutions.

Industry Expertise

LTPlabs delivers value to all types of industries and clients as long as they share the willingness to challenge the current situation and they are open to innovative analytical solutions that translate into economic benefits.

Process Industries

Flexible and fast response to customer needs while increasing operational performance.


Increasing the return on capital employed and reducing operating expenses.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Excelling with larger brand portfolios, product types and geographical footprints.

“This Decision Support System is being used to evaluate different logistic scenarios and to help in preparing the annual budget of the department that I am running. The attained benefits are evident by the easiness of simulation of multiple logistic scenarios and by the time saved in preparing the annual budget. Moreover, this decision support system has an underlying optimization model that retrieves solutions that were hard to grasp with the previous empirical methods.”

Director of Logistics Department UNICER

“The [inventory management] solution implemented in our companies system is being used daily by the purchasing team, both for order to the suppliers and for transshipping products between our five warehouses. The results were excellent! The inventory to sales ratio is reducing, maintaining the usual service level. With powerful easy-to-use interfaces developed and the results obtained with the algorithms used, we assist to a strengthening of user’s confidence and a reduction of the time spent at their tasks.”

Management Advisor Medlog