Process Improvement

Connecting the dots for business improvement.

Companies often need a fresh perspective on current processes in order to shift forward the current state.

Drawing from a broad range of industries and the ability to connect qualitative and quantitative tools, LTPlabs helps to reshape and improve processes at various levels.

We have performed several projects, which started with an overall diagnosis of the current processes and ended up in a long partnership in which several key processes where upgraded.

This type of projects often lead to an annual meeting to spot new opportunities and continuously keep process improvement in the agenda.

“Bring a fresh perspective into current processes”

LTPlabs takes a four-step approach to make process improvement a reality to its clients. The main goal is to bring a fresh perspective into current processes so that new tools and frameworks can be applied.

Our approach also requires a high commitment of top management as we often reshape continuous processes that may involve a large set of the organization.

  • Mapping of the current process and understanding of the key relations, business constraints and business goals.
  • Fully grasp the integration of the focus process in a broader perspective and studying its impact throughout the value chain.
  • Draw on the previous steps to get a diagnosis and set up an action plan.
  • Translate the work developed into business results. To this end we often rely on intensive workshops and the development of tailor-made tools for periodic decisions.


Client Results