Supply Chain Planning

Predicting and mitigating issues through an agile and proactive planning.

Supply chain covers all planning activities from procurement to sales that contribute in getting the right products to the right clients at the right time. Despite all relevant differences between supply chain planning in the industrial and services world, best practices can be used in both contexts.

The Increasing pressure from global competition, the need to assess and reduce risk and to get products or services faster to the market, the increasingly complex patterns of customer demand, the increasing consumer expectations about service level and environmental concerns, demand companies to manage their supply chains towards these issues.

Nowadays, companies that want to thrive in an ever changing market need to have a more agile and proactive attitude by correctly planning their supply chain activities to predict and mitigate future problems.

“Getting the right products to the right clients at the right time.”

LTPlabs takes a five-step approach to turn supply chain issues into supply chain results for its clients. At the core of this approach is the joint vision of business expertise and of analytical thinking that enables to systematize the critical planning process.

  • Supply Chain Issue: Identifying the problem at stake either in the procurement, production, distribution, sales or at any intersection of these processes.
  • Data Gathering: With the issue well defined and mapped, it is necessary to gather the relevant and accurate data that will drive the detailed analysis.
  • Supply Chain Planning Model: At the core of the supply chain planning, models are developed to predict future business states and prescribe the best decisions to be taken.
  • Insights and Action: Insights are obtained and action plans have then to take place in order to implement and execute the agreed decisions. The implementation may result in a continuous service approach (as distribution or transportation planning as a service).
  • Results: The results flow with the more proactive attitude derived by a better planning process.


Client Results