Consumer Packaged Goods

Excelling with larger brand portfolios, product types and geographical footprints.

Fast moving consumer products companies face new challenges created by increasing cost pressure in logistics/transportation, complex consumer behavior, retail bargain power and fast growing markets.

These challenges are also opportunities to step ahead and achieve profits in a sustainable manner.

Our clients are able to react faster and with more accuracy in this fast-paced industry.

“Step ahead and achieve profits”

LTPlabs has developed several projects to better grasp this complexity through an analytical based decision making.

We work with consumer packaged goods companies in order to:

  • Leverage the potential of multi-site facilities with Process Integration.
  • Synchronize multiple levels of inventory locations with Inventory Optimization.
  • Streamline current Supply Chain Planning processes with innovative analytical services.
  • Tackle decision processes that are complex and need a more structured and data-based approach with Process Improvement.
  • Understand more accurately market dynamics and roll-out advantages to all upstream process with Forecasting and Sales.

Client Results