Providing more with less.

Companies acting on the healthcare industry have to adapt continuously to a changing regulatory constraints, fierce competition and strong market dynamics.

LTPlabs can help to create value for different stakeholders, such as companies, hospitals and patients.

LTPlabs has developed several projects to help making better decisions in several distinct scenarios.

“Better resource utilization and shortened decision lead times”

Our clients are able to have better resource utilization and shortened decision lead times that help them to thrive in such industry.

We work with healthcare companies in order to:

  • Synchronize multiple levels of inventory locations with Inventory Optimization that may integrate with other Transportation processes, for example (Process Integration)
  • Streamline current Supply Chain Planning processes, such as improving production planning in a pharmaceutical company
  • Tackle decision processes that are complex and need a more structured and data-based approach, such as understanding the needs for future physicians nation-wide with Process Improvement
  • Link knowledge about customers behaviors with the demand data in order to better handle Forecasting and Sales

Client Results