Transport and Logistics

Delivering the next generation of Transportation and Logistics Analytics.

Transportation and Logistics is probably the sector where the blending of process knowledge with the use of data can lead to more interesting results.

Supporting new operations with the necessary decision support systems is at the core of LTPlabs.

“Supporting new operations with decision support systems”

LTPlabs has done several projects where changing paradigms in transportation and logistics led to success with the help of a matching analytical thinking.

We work with transport and logistics companies in order to:

  • Integrate decision levels such as supply chain network and routing to make sure that the best quality, costs and time indicators are achieved – Process Integration.
  • Improve current Supply Chain Planning processes from the more strategic fleet dimensioning to the more operational routing of vehicles.
  • Look at processes from a multiple perspective integrating operations and data and driving Process Improvement.
  • Handle hard pricing decisions that have to be closely linked to operations expectations with Forecasting and Sales.

Client Results