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LTP stands for Long-Term Partnership. Four characteristics set us apart:

Breakthrough innovation: We develop and deploy breakthrough innovative AI solutions at ease, leveraging LTP’s extensive cross-sector experience and academic wit to build sustainable competitive advantages.

Lightning-fast results: Our solutions deliver practical and actionable results on average within three months of our collaborations, minimizing the risk of investing in outdated solutions or continuously revising requirements.

Flawless business fit: Our extreme customization approach gets our clients exactly what they need, solving their most complex challenges until a seamless adoption is possible.

Sustainable disruption: We co-create intelligent analytical solutions with a focus on human processes and long-term sustainability, building safeguards and quality control processes to future-proof your business.

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Our values, our mission, our vision


Our work is developed in an ever-challenging environment, that craves for versatility and excellence. Therefore, we believe in disruptive approaches and trustworthy relationships.


Help our clients to achieve significant and sustainable improvements in their performance, by combining AI and Advanced Analytics with business expertise.

To be the partner for AI and advanced business analytics consulting.

Our team

Our consultants merge the hands-on expertise of a business manager with technical implementation skills, making sure that the sophisticated solutions they craft are adopted and able to deliver meaningful impact. Click on "Meet Our Team" to meet some LTPeers.

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exactness, results, and collaboration.
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Delivery modes

A combination of distinct delivery modes enables us to meet the needs and preferences of each partner organization.

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