Welcome to LTP - Advanced Analytics & Business Consultancy

Industrial players face challenging times as they need to move from a production-oriented to a market-oriented strategy. But how to cope with ever-expanding portfolios while improving profitability? We believe sound analytical practices are paramount to succeed in such a challenging context.

Our work with process & manufacturing industries covers:

  • Boosting profitability by means of integrated sales and operations planning, leveraging the potential of multi-site facilities and synchronizing multiple levels of inventory
  • Understanding demand dynamics, rolling-out advantages to all upstream processes
  • Materializing hybrid production strategies by finding the ideal approach for each product (make-to-stock vs. assembly-to-order vs. make-to-order)
  • Cutting lead times and maximizing asset utilization by optimizing production planning
  • Tackling any complex decision process that can benefit from a more structured and data-driven approach.
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