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Jan 2, 2019

Which countries are more likely to legalize cannabis for adult and for recreational use?

LTPlabs was featured on CBD Intel, a Regulatory and Market Intelligence outlet for the CBD Sector. The focus of the piece was the Cannabis Legalization Likelihood Index, developed by LTPlabs and first broadcasted by Portuguese newspaper PÚBLICO.

LTPlabs’ algorithm identifies which countries are more likely to legalize cannabis for adult and for recreational use, according to several drivers, such as Economic and Human Development, Media Buzz, Legal Framework, Political Context, amongst others.

The scope of CBD Intel’s piece focused not only on understanding which the key drivers were, but also which countries would be least likely to legalize cannabis (those located in Africa or Asia, excluding the Bahamas). CBD Intel has also come to the conclusion that this algorithm can be adapted to predict regulatory change “in areas as varied as tobacco control, euthanasia and abortion”.

Although you can only access the article if you are a subscriber, click here to learn more about this news piece.

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