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Sep 24, 2020

Assuring the growing and continuous learning of every peer in your organization implies the development of challenging and effective training opportunities.

Paired with the unprecedented times we are facing due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which led to the physical separation of many workplaces, we are faced with the question of how to build an alternative training method that will help teams stay connected while improving their skills.

One of our core values is “excellence based-approach” which means having our teams constantly aligned with state-of-the-art methodologies and able to implement them with the highest potential for our clients.

Throughout this insight we look to the most relevant benefits of an effective training plan and how have we implemented it.

How can your organization profit from a training plan?

Keeping teams connected and motivated to work together gains an additional degree of importance as remote work becomes the norm. Tailoring a training plan to this context will increase the benefits obtained, adding to the increased satisfaction and team-spirit perceived, as employees feel valued by their organization having a plan for them.

Human resources are the most valuable resources in every organization, and it is not only important to maintain a happy environment but also to aim for the growth and improvement of employees. Training will improve employees’ performance, but also organizations’ value proposition and market competitiveness.

Training increases the overall standards within an organization and ensures that every team member has a consistent background and experience.

Making sure that every employee is starting from the same baseline decreases inequalities and ensures that everyone is aligned with company’s processes and best practices, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

Having a successful training plan will also improve company’s brand to graduates and high potential professionals looking for a career change. Nowadays, talent is not only searching for better economical conditions but also for improving and growing opportunities. Training will increase company attractiveness in the job market.

What has LTP been doing to pursue this goal?

We have implemented a novel format that leverages the internal knowledge of our team, in order to establish a common ground of expertise: the “Analytics Foundation”.

To do so, our top specialists of each core area prepare a full day of training: firstly, during the morning, an in-depth theoretical clarification of the concepts involved, accompanied by practical examples of previous implementations in our projects. For now, the work-from-home modality of our peers means an online session (with turning on of the cameras highly encouraged to increase team spirit).

Afterward, our LTPeers are divided into small balanced teams to tackle a common challenge until the end of the day. This task aims at solidifying and putting to the test the knowledge obtained, with twists aligned with our values of keeping a “challenging environment”. Live working calls ensure the coordination and the fostering of bonds. As the friendly competition comes to an end and a leaderboard is displayed, each team receives individual feedback for their global performance.

The “Analytics Foundation” comprises five different modules of essential tools on the LTPeer toolbox:

  • Database management systems: put to the test by crunching Coronavirus data in order to analyze trends;
  •  Statistical learning: where everyone had the chance to improve our notorious cannabis legalization algorithm;
  • Business intelligence: data visualization and dashboard: enabling the quick transformation of data into insights;
  • Advanced Machine learning: tackling yet another Telco company challenge, by predicting customer service calls (check our previous works here);
  • Optimization, from exact methods to heuristics and metaheuristics: as mixed customer & company-centric methods were tested to reduce deliveries’ fulfilment costs.


Main takeaways

Implementing a successful training plan is an unending task, as the need to shape it by the current context and the type of environment you want to build is of utmost importance. A training plan should reflect the core values of the company and increase long-term retention by keeping employees valuable and valued.

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