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Sales and Operations process mapping and improvement is essential to support company’s operations.


Moreover, in an era of technological revolution and real-time data, the digital transformation of the processes is the key to a sustainable evolution.

Therefore, our client, a pharmaceutical wholesale company, facing rapid growth, aimed to map, analyze, and reform its processes to leverage its analytical potential.

The main goal was to assess the implemented processes, identify the main opportunities for improvement, and develop a roadmap for an attainable and sustainable transformation.

All the supply chain functions were diagnosed, from procurement to internal logistic operations, distribution, and sales.


The methodological approach started with the first phase of macroprocesses characterization and processes mapping. As a result, all the past practices of the company were depicted, and a AS-IS situation was defined.

After this structuration, a brainstorming, data analysis, and benchmarking phase was conducted to unveil the existing potential. Consequently, a TO-BE situation was devised with a future vision for the processes of the company.

Besides changes in the processes, we proposed alterations among data structure, systems, and people. All the processes transformation would be supported by new responsibilities, the adoption of a new warehouse management system, the adaptation of the existing enterprise resource planning, and the monitoring of a set of key performance indicators.


The aforementioned changes were materialized in three deliverables:

  1. We mapped the TO-BE processes.
  2. All the major opportunities were classified according to their potential and implementation level of difficulty.
  3. A roadmap was presented to support the change and provide guidance to the company.

In the end, a hybrid approach combining business sense with analytical expertise provides the company with the vision to disrupt its business model and be prepared for the new era of supply chain 4.0.

By: Daniel Pereira

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