Retail decision making: shifting from art to science.

Talking retail is talking about big data and an enormous potential for decision making improvement.

Technological enhancement both in the food or fashion retail made the use of advanced analytical thinking a must.

LTPlabs works together with retailers to help them grasp all key variables simultaneously and be sure that the best decisions are being taken.

“Enormous potential for decision making improvement”

LTPlabs has held several project in retail from predicting promotional lifts to prescribe a supply chain network.

We work with retailers in order to:

  • Optimize inventory throughout the whole supply chain taking an holistic and bottom-up approach with Inventory Optimization.
  • Help retailer’s look at their supply chain with a more operations management perspective and drastically improve planning processes, such as promotional planning with Supply Chain Planning.
  • Tackle decision processes that are done at large scale without proper treatment, such as shelf-space allocation, ship-pack quantities or pick-by-store and pick-by-line definition with Process Improvement.
  • Improve spoilage/off-season products quantities and other indicators using advanced analytics to improve Forecasting and Sales.

Client Results