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Mar 19, 2024

Sustainability has attracted increasing attention over the recent years, with individuals, small and large organizations, and governments focusing on making thoughtful decisions to contribute to a more sustainable future. Despite the significant efforts that are being made, sustainability remains a big black box to society.

For instance, the dispersion of data across various sources and formats poses a challenge for anyone seeking to access and use it effectively. Furthermore, even when sustainability data is available, its interpretation might not be straightforward without the necessary expertise in data analytics.

At LTPlabs, our focus lies in assisting organizations in their ability to build their sustainability journeys and understanding how data can be utilized to measure their impact.

By enabling reliable measurability, we empower them to adapt their strategies to foster a more sustainable footprint.

Driving sustainable progress: A case study in partnership with the city council

As an example, we recently partnered with the Porto City Council to assess and spread the current status and the historical progress on Porto’s alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – launched by the United Nations (UN) as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In collaboration, we have developed a free-access platform that aggregates all relevant indicators, allowing citizens to easily track Porto’s evolution. This platform not only serves to raise community awareness of sustainability measures but also supports decision-makers in defining public policies by providing comprehensive data analysis.

SDGs Porto

The Porto City Council has been collecting data over the past years, enabling detailed analysis. Users are able to access Porto’s current progress toward each goal and compare it with the Portuguese North region and the entire country’s performance. Additionally, the platform allows for an in-depth examination of the evolution of goal pursuit over the past decade.

The subsequent picture represents the section of the dashboard illustrating the progression of the 7th SDG – “Affordable and Clean Energy” – in Porto and other benchmarking regions.

After recognizing the potential of its data to contribute to the shared value of the community, the Porto City Council’s initiative serves as a catalyst for broader discussions on the transformative power of data in fostering sustainable practices.

The potential of data spans across all sectors, and companies should prioritize understanding these opportunities, particularly when leveraged through AI and Advanced Analytics, to enrich their sustainability journeys by evaluating patterns, making predictions, and identifying future tendencies.

The measurability of KPIs awakens individuals’ awareness and ignites their desire to explore new opportunities, including:

  1. Resource Efficiency Improvements: implementing strategies to reduce resource consumption leads to, on the one hand, cost reduction and, on the other, environmental impact minimization
  2. Supply Chain Optimization: sourcing materials from environmentally responsible suppliers and reducing transportation emissions will enhance the clients loyalty and optimize logistics
  3. Product Innovation: developing products focused on circular economy will increase the trust felt by the clients
  4. Employee Engagement: cultivating a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture can lead to productivity increase

In conclusion, while there are far more improvement initiatives to be implemented, one thing remains certain: making these KPIs accessible to all stakeholders will showcase a company’s dedication to sustainability.

LTPlabs is ready to serve as a partner in increasing market transparency and assisting companies in discovering how the Sustainability black box can become greener.

By: Rosário Rocha , Daniel Pereira , Inês Trovisco , Paulo Sousa

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